Use Case

Solution Introduction

This project is built based on the SONIC open source platform. The region selects the Nanjing and Beijing nodes in the CENI network to deploy equipment, among which Nanjing PE deploys Ruijie equipment, and Beijing PE deploys Fiberhome equipment. The test plan is delivered through the relevant configuration on the Nanjing SDN controller to achieve:

1. Presentation of TOPO and link traffic information statistics of the overall network of the two places;

2. Remote setting of G-SRv6 tunnel parameters;

3. L3VPN over G-SRv6 services are successfully distributed between the two places.

Network topology

Service Flow

Service Description

The current network services of the SRv6 header compression open source project are as follows:

  • Network TOPO presentation

End-to-end network TOPO add, delete, query and other operations.

  • G-SRv6 tunnel service provision

G-SRv6 tunnel service provision, G-SRv6 tunnel is issued through the controller and related tunnel information can be queried on the device.

  • L3VPN over G-SRv6 service provision

Distribute L3VPN over G-SRv6 services end-to-end, send corresponding VPN traffic forwarding without any problems, and check link traffic statistics.